Friday, 26 October 2012

Citrix Interview questions

1) Firewall ports to open Citrix setup

  • TCP/1494 - ICA protocol
  • TCP/2598 - ICA session reliability
  • TCP/2512 - IMA communication
  • TCP/2513 - XenAPP Advanced Console
  • TCP/27000 - License Console
  • TCP/1433 - Port used for Communication between XenApp and Data store
  • TCP/80 - XML Service port shared with IIS
  • UDP/1604 - TCP browsing
  • TCP/443 - SSL communication
  • TCP/7279 - Citrix Vendor Daemon (Responsible for the core operations of the license server
2)  Default ICA port number 1494
3)   How to put a server into install mode, "Gui way, command line way" 
      Use change user /install before installing an application to create .ini files for the application in the Terminal Server system directory. 
4) Purpose of the Data Collector and how do you find your Data Collectors?
     go to  command prompt and type in qfarm /zone. 
    The zone data collector is a XenApp server performing the data collector role in a particular       zone. Each zone in a farm has exactly one data collector

5) What are the console available to manage citrix server?

1        Console available in citrix/xenapp 
        1. Citrix management console - Metaframe presentation server
        2. Access management console - configure most of the properties
        3. Xenapp Advance Configuration - config
6) How would you repair IMA Local host Cache?
    Open the command prompt and type the following command
    c:> dsmaint recreatelhc
this command will delete old LHC and recreate new LHC in the Server
  IMPORTANT: The data store server must be available for dsmaint recreatelhc to work. If the data store is not available, the IMA service cannot start.

1. Stop the IMA service on the XenApp server, if it is started. This can be done using the command: net stop imaservice, or from services. 

2. Run dsmaint recreatelhc, which renames the existing LHC database, creates a new database, and modifies the following registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARECitrixIMARuntimePSRequired key to 1. Setting the value PSRequired to 1 forces the server to establish communication with the data store in order to populate the Local Host Cache database. When the IMA service is restarted, the LHC is recreated with the current data from the data store.
3. Restart the IMA service. This can be done via the command line, net start imaservice, or from services.

7) what is the ICA? what are the benifits of ICA?

ICA - Independent Computing Architechture
It provides better compression
Transmits High-level windows display information

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