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Windows support engineer questions
1. What is the best summary route for the network range listed below:- through inclusive
2. What is one advantage of RIPv2 over RIPv1?
split horizon
triggered updates
VLSM support
3. For the address, what is the subnet mask?
4. For the address, what is the host part?
5. You have 3 critical VMware machines on the network and are considering HA. What are you investigating?
High Availability which allows you move one VMware machine to another piece of hardware with nearly no downtime.
High Absolution and the removal of responsibility from the technical team if the VM servers stop working
Highly Asynchronous which allows independence of each machine from the standard core network authentication dependencies.
High Applications that allows you to keep the applications running regardless if only 2 of the Servers are running
6. The VERITAS Backup Exec on your network is reporting the current nightly backup job is completing with exceptions. What are the probable causes of this?
The VERITAS Backup is not happy backing up certain files and is making exceptions of them in the job.
VERITAS Backup Exec cannot backup certain applications due to licensing restrictions without purchasing the required agents.
This can be either temp files that are locked and in use at the time of the backup or emails that are left open in users email clients that are causing the exceptions.
The job is not completing in its allotted runtime.
7. A user complains to you that every time they log onto a Terminal Server session although they have the printer installed locally it does not turn up in the TS session. All other users of the TS Server have different printers and are not reporting a problem. What could be the problem?
The Printer drivers are different versions.
There is no Printer functionality in Terminal Services
The Printer is not turned on at logon to the TS Server
The printer is a Dot Matrix Printer
8.The company you work for has an existing Microsoft Exchange 2003 installation and you have been tasked with moving the company to a Microsoft Exchange 2007 implementation. What is the biggest change and commercial consideration when moving from Exchange 2003 to 2007?
The time it takes to migrate the mailboxes.
32 bit to 64 bit operating systems so generally you need new hardware.
The cumbersome process of manual exporting everyone’s Mailboxes to PST
The use of Powershell commands.
9. The Apple Mac that you are working on keeps prompting you for a new password for the Wireless Access Point you are trying to work through. Where would you go to configure this?
The Airport Wlan scanner
Network Settings Applet
The Keychain.
The onsite Administrator
10. You are given a Blackberry device that shows a red cross against any email being sent from the device but it receives fine. What is the problem?
The Besadmin account does not have send as rights.
The Blackberry device does not have the correct user details.
There is no network coverage
The message has the wrong email address for the recipient
Which are the main limitations of Microsoft's Small Business Server 2000 product over the full products?
Can only have 5 users accessing the system Can only have 1 server cannected to the LAN Can only have 1 email domain
Can only have 5 users accessing the system Can only have 2 servers cannected to the LAN Can only have 1 domain
Can only have 50 users accessing the system Can only have 1 domain controller Can only have 1 domain
Can only have 200 users accessing the system Can only have 2 domain controllers and 3 BDCs Can only have 1 domain
Which of the following is LEAST prefered for a large corporate backing up 500Gb of data?
Microsoft Backup
What is the significance of the address?
The first address assigned from a Draytek router with default config
It is the Loopback address for testing a NIC
It is the RIPE database server for testing unresponsive DNS addresses
It is the Root DNS server on the internet
What is an HP JetDirect box?
A device for travel agents to aid checking flight information
A device to connect a printer to the LAN
A smart LAN device to hold Microsoft JET databases
A device that compacts network traffic for faster internet responses
Which of the following commands would enable you to delete a problem email from a POP account?
telnet 110 user: myname pass: mypass list dele 1
telnet 25 user: myname pass: mypass list del 1
telnet 110 username myname password mypass show rm 1
telnet 25 user: myname pass: mypass list rm 1
Which of the following shows the commands to send an email using SMTP with the Telnet console?
ehlo mail_from: mail_to: data .
ehlo mail from: mail to: data .
hello mail from: rcpt to: data .
ehlo mail from: rcpt to: data .

When Simon has his laptop in the office he can send and receive his email but when he takes his laptop home and connects to his home ADSL connection he can only receive. What is the most likely cause?
His ADSL account is not email enabled as he has a 'wires-only' install.
The SMTP server specified in his account only works at work. He will have to change it to send email at home.
He must logon as a different user on his laptop when at home. You cannot use the same user account.
There is a compatability issue between his laptops network port and the ADSL router.

You have just installed SP2 on a Windows XP workstation and now the Antivirus software is no-longer working. Which is the best way forward to fix this issue?
Remove service pack 2, it does not work with non-MS antivirus software.
Open the relevant ports on the XP firewall.
Reinstall XP.
Buy a new copy of the antivirus program as the previous version is not licensed to work with firewalls.

You have been called to fix an Exchange 2000 (standard/SP1) server where the private store is un-mounted. You notice the 'priv1.edb' file is approx. 7Gb and the 'priv1.stm' file is approx. 9Gb. What do you think is the problem?
The combined store size has reached the 16Gb maximum limit.
The server needs more RAM to hold the private store in memory.
The '.stm' file has become larger than the '.edb' file.
The Exchange server has automatically installed service pack 2 and the server needs restarting.

What impact may Kazza, Emule, Bit Torrent or other P2P programs have on a companies network?
Less pop-ups
Speed up the internet connection
Slow down the internet connection
Protect from viruses

What function does the LMHOST file provide?
Links dll files
Help with name resolution
Help with LAN manager discovery
Helps with LM synchronisation

What type of server supplies a host with an IP address??

Which one of the following could be a reason for Microsoft Word not loading?
word.doc is corrupt
winword.doc is corrupt
normal.exe is corrupt is corrupt

What sort of database would you use eseutil on?
Microsoft Exchange

If you had a company who's name was "anycompany" , what would be the best domain name to use for them when setting up a new Windows 2003 domain?

Which is a valid private IP address

What is IP spoofing?
Where an invalid IP header is created
Where somebody alters their destination IP address
Where somebody alters their originating IP address
Where somebody listens to IP traffic

What type of connector is most often used to connect machines to hubs and switches?
Type 3 connector

Which of the following applications can allow multiple LAN clients to access the internet via a single machine?
Hyper relay server
ISA server
Microsoft routing gateway

How would you find all the current IP sessions on a PC?
list ip
list sessions

If a host had an ip address of and the internet gateway had an address of, what would the ROUTE ADD command look like?

What is the broadcast address of a machine with an IP address of and a subnet mask of

What is the primary use of the PING command?
Type of remote machine
The availability of a remote machine
Speed of a remote machine
Number of hops to a remote machine

What application would be launched if you ran a file ending with .mdb?

What client service allows you to logon to a domain?
Network client services
Client for Netware
Client for Microsoft domains
Client for Microsoft networks

How many email addresses can an exchange user have?

Stopping which Exchange service stops all the other exchange services?
Private information store
System attendant
Information store
Public information store

What port does DNS use?

What service would you restart if printing stopped?
Print loader
Print buffer
Print spooler

What port does SMTP use?

To configure a PPTP VPN, what port and protocol are required for a successful session?
IP protocol 500(GRE) and TCP port 10000
IP protocol 50(GRE) and TCP port 1723
IP protocol 50(GRE) and UDP port 10000
IP protocol 47(GRE) and TCP port 1723

How would I obtain the running configuration of a Cisco 2600 router in Privileged Mode?
show start
show run
configure run
get run

If you have 5 x 72gb disks in a single RAID 5 array, approximately how much usable disk space will you have?

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